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JULY 2013

Please check out our newest Mobsters episode, an Official Selection to the 2013 Hollyshorts Film Festival.

JUNE 2012
Please check out the first episode of a great new webseries I had the pleasure of Directing,Fletcher Drive

"Mobsters" is currently writing a half hour spec pilot!

Mobsters Ep #5 won the Audience Choice Award for Best Webisode at the 2011 ITN Film & New Media Festival in NYC - And Mobsters Episode #4 won the Audience Choice Award for Best Webisode at the 2011 Hollyshorts Film Festival.


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Mobsters Episode 7: "Our Boss's Daughter"
The Mobsters are paid a surprise visit by Remo's daughter (played by Julie Gonzalo) who comes to L.A. with dreams of a modeling career, or so she says...

Mobsters Episode 6: "Weed Like To Talk To You"

The Mobsters are sent to kidnap a drug dealer (played by Allen Covert) in order to settle a score, but he ends up taking them on a trip that's more than they bargained for...

Fletcher Drive 101: "The Intervention"
Fletcher Drive is a Micro-Sitcom about three roommates who have a love-hate relationship with reality. For more information check out Follow us on Twitter: @FletcherDrive

Mobsters Episode 5: "Mobsters Make a Porno"
After loaning money to an Adult entertainment entrepreneur the Mobsters are invited to meet their favorite porn star. But when an accident leaves the movie in jeopardy, can the Mobsters rise to the occasion?

Mobsters Episode 4: "Carmine or Brian?"
The Mobsters are enlisted to escort a method actor on a ride along while he preps for his new role playing a wise-guy. However, they soon discover this actor has ideas of his own...

Mobsters Episode 3: "The Ballad of the Hipsters"
The Mobsters come to the aid of an old friend and discover they aren't the only tough guys in town...

Mobsters Episode 2: "The Rise and Fall of Rat Bastard"
The prequel Episode of Mobsters. The origin of Mickey aka Rat Bastard is revealed, how he met his unfortunate end in the trunk of a Cadillac DeVille...

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