wrapped up the festival!

So August is wrapping up. Hollyshorts came and went and we had a great time, some pictures will be up on the SOCIAL page of my site shortly. It’s always a great Festival and it was a real pleasure to be a part of it two years in a row! Unfortunately we didn’t win our best web series category but it was still a blast and by far the biggest and best theater ‘Mobsters’ has ever played that. I’ve finished editing Mobsters 7 (finally) and now its just time to do a final mix and get some VFX in there and we are done! So that means I can finally start cutting my Music Video and I am really looking forward to it.

Screening Tomorrow

Hey Blog, we’re having our screening tomorrow at 4pm for Mobsters Episode 6 and this time we’ll be playing at the Mann’s Chinese Theater! Pretty cool, we all went to the opening night party and I’ve been going to a few of the panels and its really the best venue we’ve ever played at up to this point so excited. Also, still editing Mobsters Episode 7 but will hopefully be wrapping that up this week and then am going to start editing the Ordinary Girl music video….and then, I’ve got a few other ideas so I’ll just see what sticks.


WOW, so I finished my first music video this weekend and it was a lot of work, and a lot of fun! My shoots are always tough because I like to get very ambitious with everything I do, but this was big, we shot on the Cannon C300 which I had never done and that presented new challenges but the look was amazing. Also had lots of extras and masks and props so Im excited to see how it turns out and is received. Also, we’re going to be at Hollyshorts all week long so for the rest of the week I’m going to take it easy and then next week will get back to the hustle.

Ordinary Girl Music Video time

Ok, so I’ve been running around for the past few weeks, editing Mobsters 7 and prepping the Ordinary Girl Video and getting ready for Mobsters 6 to screen at the Chinese Theatre. I’ve been stressing because this is the first video I’ve done and want it to be great, there are so many video directors I really admire and want this to hold up. I’ve been worried about time and stuff but Kyle said “Just do the time and don’t be a bitch” so that’s what Im doing! I’ll post updates on Monday, fingers crossed.

Mobsters to screen at Chinese Theatre. Buy tickets!

Hey Blog, just in case anyone stops by and would like a little more info, Mobsters is going to be screening on Thursday Aug. 16th at 4pm at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, so if you happen to read this I am personally inviting you, here’s where you can buy tickets:


So come on by and say hello.
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End of July

July is ending so I have to get my updates in. I’m editing Mobsters 7 and it’s coming along nicely, it’s just so much, this is going to be a long one but it’s going to be totally worth it. I’m also prepping my first ever Music Video for next next weekend, Aug. 4 & 5th. It’s for an old buddy of mine, Stu Stone, he’s a really cool, fun, music artist not to mention all around talent (he’s an actor too, was actually our guest star in Mobsters Episode 5) and it’s for a song off of his new album “Ordinary Girl”. It’s a really provocative concept and I will update more as I get closer to shooting. I think I’m getting the hang of this Blog.


Oh also, one more thing, Mobsters Episode 6 is an Official Selection to the 2012 Hollyshorts Film Festival! Me and the guys are pumped, Hollyshorts was by far the best festival experience we had last year. We were there last summer with our fourth episode and could not have had a better time, so everyone of us is really looking forward to August cause it’s going to be a blast! This year the Red Carpet opening night is at the Chinese Theatre! Awesome!

Wrapped Episode 7!

Boy, this is a week late, I’m already falling behind on these updates, whatever. Last Sunday (7/1/12) we wrapped Mobsters Episode 7. Man, what a shoot, great time, great cast, great crew and a shitload of work. This was by far the most complicated and most ambitious I’ve ever gotten with Mobsters so I hope it pays off. I was super tired after the weekend and then with the holiday I was just taking it easy during the week so that’s probably why I didn’t update this but now I’m in editing crunch time – I’m also going to be trying to prep a music video (my first ever) at the end of this month too so that’s really exciting.


Here we go, this is my blog update for the week. We’re gonna start shooting Mobsters Episode 7 tomorrow! Finally, it’s been a long time coming. We have a killer crew with a lot of returning friends, and some new faces too but Im really happy everyone came aboard to help us out. Julie Gonzalo, star of the hit TNT series “Dallas” is going to be our guest star and everyone is really excited to have her hanging out with The Mobsters. Anyway, maybe we can post some pictures from our shoot, that would be a great idea to Twitter it, or Facebook it etc…like a little Teaser, but who knows, our shooting schedule will dictate wether or not that can happen! (hahaha probably not)


Hey! Second Blog, trying to update this thing weekly, I’ve never been good at keeping up with journals or log’s or diaries, so maybe this time it will stick. As of right now we have officially locked down dates for our next Mobsters episode, this will be Mobsters episode 7! We’re shooting Saturday & Sunday June 30th and July 1st, 2 weeks, a lot has been prepped already but you can never be too prepared, a few more details and things to lock down but I think we’re in good shape. This episode is going to be fun, another fun guest star is going to come in and give the show a breath of fresh air, can’t reveal too much yet. Maybe we’ll post some pictures to our facebook while we’re shooting or something, a little teaser or whatever….I think it’s probably better to let this one be a surprise, but I think a good Teaser picture could be fun, big movies get the audience anticipation going while they’re shooting so why not us!