I had to go to the DMV this morning to replace my drivers license. The DMV is a pain but I actually kind of enjoy myself once I’m there. It is a true melting pot, race, religion, sexual orientation – we are all equal in the eyes of DMV.

I saw something today that I don’t want to forget so I’m writing it down here:

I saw a mother with her family – the little boy was about 3 or 4 and he had a phone about 4 inches from his face playing a game – and I was watching them, and she was trying to interact with the kid, very sweet and loving, and the kid was just not interested – that’s when it hit me that she was pregnant too – and she’s trying to interact with this kid and then she says to him “I think your nose is stuffed”, doesn’t get a response (not even a head nod) and she looks up to her husband and says “I think his nose is stuffed” she was a little concerned and looked to him for some acknowledgment or recognition, but got nothing, like she wasn’t even there – because HE had his face buring in a phone too, just like his kid, father son clones – they both were ignoring her – and I saw that look cross her face – and she kind of shrank back into her chair, defeated.

And I thought, man! No one else saw that but me!? But then I thought maybe she’s hopefull that the baby she’s carrying will need her for a bit, the baby will rely on her and won’t ignore her for a cell phone – but probably not for long.

I also thought, why doesn’t she just take the phone away from the kid…?

Also, people are really friendly at the DMV – when you think we shouldn’t be friendly but we are because everyone there is united in their collective hate of the DMV, it’s actually kind of fun just to see what goes on there.

Dances With Films

Hey Blog

Well, Fated is going to be having it’s World Premiere at the 2015 Dances With Films Festival right here in LA! We are all very happy about this, it was a process just to get this movie finished and to have it premiere at home here in LA has been the perfect way to kick off, what I hope, will be a successful festival run. I can’t wait for the movie to play in front of an audience.

The festival itself has been great, and definitely the most professional festival I have ever been involved with, so it’s just been a real pleasure (I hope more are like this).

It case anyone but me is reading this blog here is the info for our screening: Click Here

Oh haha, funny story I almost forgot to tell you – but Sara and I will not be attending! It just so happens that the day of our screening coincides with our honeymoon! It sucks that we have to miss it because they said we will be playing at the number one theater at the TCL Chinese 6, 450 seats…oh well, Bora Bora will numb that pain.

Ever Yours (I saw F. Scott Fitzgerald write that in his book of letters)

2015!!!! Livin’ in the future.

Yikes, I am so bad at this blogging stuff.

It’s been a crazy year and a half (maybe two years!?) since I’ve updated, so here goes!

I got engaged in July 2013 in New Orleans, pretty cool.

In April of 2013 Sara (my fiancee) and I started prepping our short film “FATED” which is easily the biggest and best project either of us have ever attempted.

We finally shot the film in December of 2013, over the craziest, busiest, most stressful and enjoyable 8 day stretch of probably, our lives up to this point and have literally been hard at work on post-production EVERY – SINGLE – DAY of 2014.

Lot’s of other things happened in between, but I’m attempting to keep this blog professional so I won’t go into everything.

And now that my blog is up to date we’re finishing the movie – over the next few weeks I am going to make it a point to update this site.

Talk to you soon

Mobsters Screening at Hollyshorts

Dear Blog
Great news again, our favorite festival Hollyshorts has selected “MOBSTERS” as part of their 2013 screening. It’s a pleasure to be back again, this is our 3rd time and it’s definitely the one we look forward to all year long.
We will be playing at the TCL Chinese Theaters August 21st at 9:30 pm, so if anyone is reading this (looking at you Mom) come on out and say “OH!” to the Mobsters Cast & Crew.


Hey blog, what’s up, been awhile!? Anyway, my site is going through some redesign, no style changes, just updates and tweaks to make it even awesomeer. (I know that’s not a word and when my girlfriend reads this she’s going to be very upset with me – but its funny!) No really, I am going to make it more effecient to update so people can stay up to date on all my wheelings and dealings. Also, I’ll be able to post my most recent work to the site almost immediately so my Featurered Video will always be up to date. Looking forward to it. Oh, and I’m going to be prepping a short for this summer which should prove to be the biggest project I’ve ever attempted, excited about that one and also have some more episodes of Mobsters and Music Videos in the works…have to be patient!

Oh and another movie to add to the list – THE FULL MONTY, man o man, I hope one day I will make a movie this awesome.

A new Featuered Video!


So my music video for Stu Stone “Ordinary Girl” is posted on youtube and we’re adding it to the Featured Video front page of my site now! Man it was fun putting this together. Everyone involved really kicked ass from Stu to Jackie (lead girl in the video) the DP Will and the Producer Zach and the AP Sara. I am really fortunate to have so many good friends who will pitch in. Anyway, Mobsters 7 is ready and I’ll be posting that shortly, and then I have a few other intersting projects lined up. I may have another ‘Director for Hire’ job lined up which I think is fun. I know some other guys only like to Direct what they’ve written, which I also love to do, but when you’re just brought in to Direct its a great chance to really focus on yourstorytelling skills when you are in charge of conveying someone else’s baby, it’s also nice to know a whole bunch of people are really trusting you to guide them to an awesome end result. Anyway, that’s it for now, be posting more shortly.

Also, new movie of the day is PROBLEM CHILD 2 – I want to remake this movie.

Color and Mix.

Man, Mob 7 mix is finished and I just went to my first color session for my video. I also had to cut some Teasers for the Pilot I directed, it was a good working weekend, got a lot of stuff taken care of.

Also, just another note for my future self, be sure to make a movie as good as OUT OF SIGHT.

Meetings and stuff

Jim and I have been fotunate enough to meet with some people, they’ve seen Mobsters and thought that we showed promise I guess (even if Mobsters didn’t!) In fact so far everything we’ve heard has just been a pass on Mobsters! I can’t believe it, but we’ll just roll with the punches. Mob 7 should be released soon and so will this video. I went to shoot a spec Pilot for a friend, sort of like a travel show, which is something I’ve never done before so it was just another great opportunity to branch out for me personally. I’m keeping myself busy editing that and will start prepping my commercials very soon.

Ok so

I havent updated in awhile, which I was really trying not to do. Oh well. So Mobsters 7 is getting colored and mixed and then we can start VFX but it’s done! Also, now I just have to get the video colored and also go through some VFX, soooo a lot of Post right now, which isn’t always my favorite but it can be cool to see stuff come together, anyway hoping to release it all before halloween…and Im toying with some spec commercials ideas